American Dream c​.​2017

by Seth Hanson & the Additional Six

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A few songs written between the election and inauguration of Donald Trump, American fascist.

All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.


released January 20, 2017

All songs written and recorded by Seth Hanson
featuring banjo & additional vocals by Helen Forsythe and cello by Parker Ousley



all rights reserved


Seth Hanson & the Additional Six Grinnell, Iowa

midwest muscle music

photo by John Brady

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Track Name: The Ghosts are Here
With a change that would shock all of the experts
The North American buffalo returned

To the cities on the land where they used to make their homes
They crowded out lobbies and stood in the traffic zones

Contemporary scientists couldn't find the answer
So they gave up their theories and put down their books

Economists went on TV, worried the market would suffer
And it turns out it did.

The police didn't know what to do
because there were just too many to shoot
So for a change they kept us safe

The president called a meeting to see how he could spin it
But scared shitless, he bailed, and no one noticed

Because why would you look to a leader
who promised to keep all the ghosts out
Now that the ghosts are here
Track Name: Love, Politics, and Movies
Now we got what we deserve
Tell myself it's what I want
I make a point of looking strong, even when I'm stuck

Scrolling through the things he said
Seemed so sincere
Like a real convincing movie, I believed him

But he's unfaithful 'cause he don't care
When he needed us, said what we wanted to hear
But now he don't need us
So he'll delete us
If he can

As if I could be quiet now
Now that it's clear
I'm not the only one who's had enough of the giving years

It's time to take what we deserve
To be ourselves, and forget our neighbors
It's family that's important in the movies

Family's faithful to itself
If you're on the list, our love is bottomless
But if we don't need you
Then we'll delete you
If we can
Track Name: American Dream c.2017
When the boys were old
Enough to leave
I was sure they would
So I let them be

Like I got tough
From staying out
From being pushed
To leave enough

For the next in line
Those who wait their turn
But now I’m not convinced
That that's how it works

Cause who made this line?
And where'd the dream come from?
And Why do some go first?
And why's it one by one?

So I stay up, to see the change
But I don't see no change

When the year was new
As it's ever been
Still felt like shit
Didn't fix anything

Like I was old
As I've ever been
And the line ain't moved
Maybe it never did

Maybe was never there
But then what's in my way?
If it's not my neighbors
Then it's the state.

So I can look ahead
To love the one who steals
So I don't look back
At the other end of the deal

So I'll stay up to see the change,
But I won't see no change

So I stay up to see the change
But I don't see no change