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When your time's up you're times up but still who's time??
world is in us so we end world ends? or we are in world?
Who's we whose world
? pain, killer ?
?? who did this ??

I hear that you're gone, and it doesn't make sense.


released August 22, 2016

Additional vocals: Eliana Gray
Thanks to Amanda Brooks for recording assistance.

Recorded in Dunedin, New Zealand and Northfield, Minnesota on a Memorex handheld cassette recorder.



all rights reserved


Seth Hanson & the Additional Six Grinnell, Iowa

midwest muscle music

photo by John Brady www.facebook.com/johnbradyphoto

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Track Name: Cold Coffee
A man with my name
And twice my age
Sits across from me

Sure there's some love
But I won't look up
And who knows what he's seeing

What do you say
To something that decays
Do you believe it's still forever

What do you do
When you'll never have the proof
Do you still want to sit in silence

Or let your coffee get cold

He shakes his head
And I turn mine
To the shadow of a parking meter

I think ahead
To the time
When none of this will matter

What about the glow
When you close your eyes
Does it still last forever

What do you do
When you don't have proof
Do you still want to sit in silence

Or let your coffee get cold
Track Name: Going Back
What's coming soon
And what's here now
Can't be too different

I mean if tomorrow
Depends on today
Is it already over?

I mean look at those oil dark oceans
And the wine in our veins

Even all the deserts
Didn't used to be deserts

And hear all the shots
In the bars that we hoped
Might be safe this time

But here on the news
In the president camps
There's profit in pain

But you can only drain
So much of your own blood

So I know this place will destroy itself
But not before it destroys us

So hold on

To the ground
That it might outlive me
And outlive all of us
And this toxic masculinity

That condemns consent
For threatening their sense of domination

And calls to the judge
That the trauma he caused doesn't matter

I'm still buried in the rag in my face
And the tears make so much white noise

Nothing has changed, voices are drowned
When money moves the airwaves

And they burn down their house
And sell the remains
Claim they can buy a better one

Pretend they don't live there
And their fates independent from ours

As if what you can't see through the smoke
Doesn't even exist

As if they're not just trading eachother
Their knives for their wrists

But you can only sell so much of your own soul
Before it ain't really yours anymore
And there's no goin back
Track Name: Moving Song
Body moved where I wanted it to move
Like I could make the rules

Border moved when I wanted it to move
Like it meant anything

Spirit moved how I wanted it to move
Let it go when I was done

You can't tell me from the ground
We are one inside the other
I am born beneath a sky
I am born between the eyes
& buried in myself

Shovel dug where I wanted it to dig
Like I was in control

Air was dark 'cause I wanted it to be
Like the day was over

Opened up didn't want to be closed
Let it go and I was gone

You can't tear me from the ground
We are one there is no border
I am born beneath the sky
I am born and I am fine
& buried in myself
Track Name: Did it Matter
Every wish that I had
When I was a kid
I wrote in a little book I kept by my bed

And every book that I burned
Had a whole lot of history
But it didn't mean shit to me

'cause all the shit that I took
Just to get where I am
And you'ree gonna tell me I could've done better?

Everything that I did
Sure I did it for me
But that doesn't mean I didn't do it for you

Every you that I met
I knew you were so special
Even if it didn't seem that way most of the time

All the time that I had
Of course it wasn't really mine
So what the hell did it matter anyway

Now I hear that you're gone
And it doesn’t make sense