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Being stuck.


released January 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Seth Hanson & the Additional Six Grinnell, Iowa

midwest muscle music

photo by John Brady www.facebook.com/johnbradyphoto

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Track Name: Call
I go forward
And I go back
I don't know where I'm headed but I know that I'll get there last.

I ain't studied
And I ain't read
But I'm jumping when I wanna jump and I can see over your head.

So give me space
And give me voice
And I will tell you about the tomb, and we talk about the curse

When the forest
Falls to flame
You can't trust in the sunset, you won't know where it's been

And When the snow falls
On the pines
You can't trust in the stars, 'cause everything will shine

So give me steps
That I can pace
And I will walk when I need to walk, and you can learn to skate

Give me water
That I can waste
If we get really lost, then I guess, at least we're safe

I seen people
I seen ghosts
Sometimes their eyes will flash a color I thought only you could know

I seen sirens
I seen smoke
I seen where you would keep your life if you'd a-managed a better hold

But now there's rope
Coiled at your feet
And there's a burning match in your left hand that your passing back to me

I heard heaven's
Got a golden road
And a telegraph, a grand canyon stamp and an arrow pointing home

Still I go forward
And I go back
I'm not sure where you've gone, you haven't called me yet

So give me patience
Give me sight
Give me a time away from those distractions in my mind

But If you give me one thing
Just Give me joy
And I'll never ask again the past to show me buried bones
Track Name: Walk
When the bus choked up outside of town
We figured we could walk it off
We carried what we thought we'd really need
We left the rest, buried, sprouting seed

We traveled east, though our backs were broke as wood
We figured we could walk it off
Through the heavy swing of the pendulum, hammering bells
We ducked, we barely saved our little selves

And our march
To find the spring
Lasted longer
Then I will let myself believe

The desert was as dark as your eyes
When we lit a fire, and picked from our supplies
It seemed that nothing could be so clear as this
Miles up ahead as close as fists

We traveled when we woke beside the sun
We figured we could walk it off
Despite our wandering and the jeopardy of our mind
With both the knowledge of our end and of our line

And our march
To find the spring
Lasted longer
Then I will let myself believe
Track Name: Heat
I'm reaching home
Putting my mind at ease
Letting down my feet

I've been away too long
The gripping tease
And the evergreens

Return to me

there's lives that I meant to read
But Time that I
Left to dry

lines that I meant to lead
But turned to fly
Above and mighty

Flew east
with setting teeth
Return to me

Gold and a pile of leaves
and a day of work
something earned

Came back to me
But in a dream
In fantasy

Return to me
Errant need

Return to me
Track Name: Peace
Out to light another cigarette
The evening gone like smoke into the wind
Asphalt shining like it's got a secret
That empty sound of engines humming

Hear them turning over in their beds
Their precious towers made of matches
Their echoes that all but they can feel
That shout "I am here, I am here..

To go"

Out to catch a breath of mountain air
The tracks running under tunneled mazes
A hat floating down from cars ahead
A shout following it in the wind

Says "I have lost too much to lose again"
"Oh, what is this design that leaves me speechless?"
"Oh, peace, oh territory gone,
Oh, let me forget your lovely song."

Be brave!
Though it may seem like the tracks speed back, away
It is you who move, they who stay
Track Name: Tires
Patience is a fragile load
Safety is beat up poem
And I…am afraid of the truth that the future knows
But let the tires face the open road

And I… still find the stillness warm
But how can any progress come when we wrap ourselves in comfort?
The strongest days are found in the harshest months
Let the tires face the road, so I won't have to run

Every hour, is shorter than the last
So Counting in the future only shortens what we have
And I…get lost anew on every step
Take me away, leave with a slower dance

And I… will stumble out of practice
The movements are too quick for me to see their grander scheme
But I know when chaos takes us in its wing
Every passing glance, will be a wounded man, coming home across the sea
Track Name: Holed Up
Beside the beach and the fallen oak
Beside the beach and the fallen, fragile oak
Burrowed into, emptied winter, following river boats

And White washed roads and frozen friends
The white washed roads bring frozen friends
And The cops who claim to know the holy wind

With the Boiling sea and my broken hand
The boiling sea cleans my broken hand
And I've given up in hoping, not in chance

I'm holed up in the chosen land

Sheltered breeze and the shiverin' sigh
The sheltered breeze calls the shiverin' sigh
The painted clouds, weighing down the sky

Washed out in the sandy tide
Washed and drowned in the sun-warmed brine
But lost the same, safe but never mine

I remember when we saw the looming dam
Remember stepping carefully into its closing grasp
Given up in chasing, not in traps

Holed up in the chosen land
Track Name: All
Where you're only passing through to another place
Where the old news never sounds the same
Where the bells ring

Where the quiet of the night's crashing waterfalls
Is the lie you say you might let take you down
Where time never goes but the bell still sounds

Where the lions pace between dog after dog
(Where the lines pace between dot after dot)
And our job is to keep from getting caught.
But the bell says it all