I am a Time Traveler

by Seth Hanson & the Additional Six

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A story of progeny and ancestry, survival and scope.


released August 22, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Seth Hanson with help from Annika Fredrickson on trumpet, Wesley Braker on tuba, and Helen Forsythe on banjo and singing with her voice.



all rights reserved


Seth Hanson & the Additional Six Grinnell, Iowa

midwest muscle music

photo by John Brady www.facebook.com/johnbradyphoto

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Track Name: I am a time traveler.
I should have known
before I called.
I mean, I did know, but still I burned my soul.

I should have seen them
from the top floor.
I mean, I saw them, but they were pinpoints,

crippled, crawling kids' toys.
Should have tangled in the moons noise
but I was rushing, don't know what towards.

I guess I should have planned
before the snow.
I mean I had a plan, but I should have followed closer.

I guess I should have stayed.
No, I'm glad I made mistakes.
I'm glad winter came, glad I faced it,

Felt the warmth of moments,
Knew the pieces in accordance
as I'm rushing; rushing upwards.

What happened to the simple rules?
What happened to the righteous truths?
What happened to the mild, blue?

Sky overflows
With line and line of color,
Orange and rusted.

Another rainy day spent on metal crutches.

And then I bit my tongue,
And I could taste blood.
I knew I shouldn't look, but who'm I not to give up?

I know I was wrong to trust
In that expanse above
Now that it's red, now that it's bleeding.

How will I get clean
When it's so scarring,
And I'm always running?

What happened to the big ideas?
What happened to all the city streets?
What happened to the dim, clean?

Sky got broken
With mile and mile of morning,
Forests and oceans.

I don't know where to find where I am going.

But, you think I might be saved?

I have no memories left.

I am a time traveler.
I am a time traveler.
Track Name: With no home
The garden by the porch
And the fallen leaves.
Walking 'round the back
On running feet.

The smile on my face,
The heat.
How could any days
Be better than these?

The look in your eyes,
The fire.

Then I hear you laughing
Somewhere inside
What I built,
What's alive.

I could never ask for anything more
Than to be kept warm.

Its all a big house
with trees growing through it.
And there's a barn;
From it, we can see the whole future

By the light of each full moon
and each comet.
There's a wish in each of our hearts,
It's honest.

We could never ask for anything more
Than to be kept warm.
Track Name: But salt and gold,
For a couple of months,
I was lost staring in the sea.
The angry scolding of its god caught me.

The salt in the air stung my eyes.
I was blind.
I left the phone of the hook when I chose to leave my past behind.

There's some land, I can feel it in our grasp!"
Then it happened:
I lost sight of our plan.

But the salt in my nose made me smile
'Till I was child.
The breeze gently nudged me as my feet dangled in the fountain.

Oh, I found it:
The gold that I was told would bring me luck.
But the days moved on,
I never knew I had enough.

But now I think lucky isn't what I really want to be.
Gold's just like those other things you're never quite sure that you want to keep.

It's the salt, what really matters
In the end.
It's the things that you would find inside your head.

It's the answer,
I see where you've always been.
Its been cold with you hiding.

And you're just salt, I can taste it now.
You're just sound.
Yet somehow you've managed to run my senses to the ground.

Oh, I found it
in the corners of your eyes when you laugh.
In your lips,
The days move on,
And then they pass.

Oh, I found it
floating in my blood.
The days moved on,
I knew I never had enough.
Track Name: Yet I wish
It's okay to lie
Is what I've learned.
But only if you're fine
Running people to the dirt.

And nothing grows from the ground,
At least not where I'm from.

Where the sun
Is just another piece of junk,
And the air is dust,
And the seas are mud.

I know it never rains in my home town,
It only floods.

But, hey, that's not enough.
I want love.

The point is how it's quick,
And there's no real fighting it.
It's recklessness
And easy medicines.

'Cause no one really learns where I come from.
Change is a decision.
Change is an illusion.

I know you want to eat,
But you are full.
I know you want to see,
but you are blinded by the world.

I know you want to feel,
But you don't want to hurt.
Better know that's just not how it works.

Hell, we can give them health,
But they want something else.
But where I'm from,
there's nothing left to sell.

Just one small drop
at the bottom of a well.
Track Name: To give
I don't know if I will let you in,
But knock all you want and I'll listen.
Take me out to clearing in the woods
Where the fire pit sits powerless, burned

From the visit last night by the kids who took their turns
Realizing moments have their worth.
I messed mine up. I never understood
How to tell that truth by lying.

And I can see how their fire light
Was a warning sign,
And the ashes left behind
Are so fragile.

There's a faint sent in the drifting air
of a night well spent
But a night that they'll soon forget.
It's so brittle.

But everything will bend.
Everything will bend
At least a little bit before it breaks.

There's an old brick wall sleeping in my neighborhood.
There was a time I was scared it'd fall if I ever stood.
I'd crawl along, scrape my stomach on the stone,
And I looked down. It was farther than I hoped.

But back then I was haunted by a ghost.
She chased me down to that wall beside the road,
And I leapt up 'till I was standing on the edge.
I could feel my heart beat out my every step.

I can see that the summer nights
Were a warning sign.
All the things I thought were mine
Were just fragile.

The wall still stands. I'm still afraid
That my luck's run out
That my balanced heart
Is still brittle.

But everything'll bend.
Everything'll bend.
Everything'll bend.
Everything'll bend
At least a little bit before it breaks.
Track Name: To the father
I spent the first years of my life
Knowing the ladder I'd clung to was oak.
Every wrung was slippery,
But at least it would hold.

What could I do but to trust
That which carried me up?
That which gave me so much
Confidence in earnest.

And then, all at once,
All the things I thought you stood for fell.
And now I don't know what to tell myself.

They said they saw you in town.
They said that eagles never drown.
It was too hard to believe,
That the water swallowed in her arms.

And when I followed you home
I tripped on the steps in the cold.
Oh god, I'm stranded
On some unknown shore.

Could everything beneath me crumble?
How'll l I survive that tremendous salt?
From the sharp, white sky; jagged edges of a jaw.

And just like that,
I saw the things I thought you stood for fall.
Which foundations were rotten all along?
Track Name: That small world
What is going on?
The world is so damn small.
I can walk around it
In one big step;
Going forward's like going back.

What is going on
I'm terrified of things that done me wrong.
But I've, done them too.
Hypocritic' fool,
I deserve to be abused.

But the dripping is so slow that I cant prove
That anything could change.

How can I get strong?
I need to free my self from heavy tar.
There are plants and medicines,
They're all that's left
And they're all I have,
But I will live.

And where is the rest of this psalm?
I don't know what to think about the sun.
What kind of light gives us both choice and love?
I know I'll lose
If the winter comes before I bloom.

It's important that I know what to expect,
Like these prairie winds so sharp upon my neck.

And now I know that magic isn't dead.
You've got my attention.

So, what is going on?
Take whatever you want.
Track Name: And the hunt.
If I could understand my language,
Take my words,
Know the things I'm saying
Are the answers to my worries,

I could stand a chance,
But I'm a shadow at best.

There's a gulf that sits between us.
It takes my words.
The reflections on its surface
Are answers like jewelry.

And I could float away,
If the tide wasn't going in.

I'm a hunter, but I see no tracks.
There must be millions, just beyond my grasp.

But they're monstrous, mangling meat
And clumsy brothers.
I've been taught to fear,
but I'm also so stubborn.

If I could get close enough,
I know I could find their hearts.

And I'm sure that the brushing of the tall dry grass,
There as far as I can see,
Will drown out any sound that
Dares to interfere

Against my echoing days.
I know I can't say awake.

'Cause I'm a hunter; I ain't got maps.
There must be hundreds never been written yet.
Track Name: And
Little star,
Give me peace.
Drop down
On top me.

Everything I say is wrong.
Go to bed now,
close your eyes, be warm.

I'm just staring at the moon,
Hoping it'll be too big to lose,

But now I know
Nothing owns
But you.

Oh, old house,
How you stand against the storm.
You're stronger than the sand
You were built upon.

Yeah, everything I say is wrong,
But you know that,
and you let me learn.

I'm just staring at roof,
Hoping we can hold it if we have to,

But I know
we won't,
and I
have proof.

Oh, dear queen,
You terrifying masterpiece.
You modern art
I've never seen,

Yeah, everything I say is wrong,
But you like that;
You say it's natural.

So, I'll just keep staring 'cross the room,
Hoping that my eyes fall on you.

Yeah I know
It's sad,
But I'm too scared
To move.

Oh, underneath
I know we're like the flames.
Yeah, in the end,
We are what we create.

And everything we do is right!
On every turn,
we can't collide!

And we stare into our two
Hearts, hoping, we won't have to choose,

But I know
we could
'Cause we're made of
Track Name: To the son,
Oh, what weight,
It did surround me,
Pushed down upon me.

Yet, it gave me purpose in lifting
You above the streets.

And the wind wound through,
And I collapsed.
I can see the little flecks of gold in the opening cracks.

I was given freedom
And, for that, I'll stick around.
It's good to know there's something I can count on.

I'm so sorry
That I dropped the stone.
I let it overcome me when you needed me most.

I deserve
all the times that I've been hurt.
It's so cold with my shoulders light and my broken world.

And I can't face
You or anyone who
Knows me for what I really am:

I can't be trusted.
I've lost the one thing
I ever really wanted.
Track Name: Today's mistakes
I hear just what I want to hear:
The engine under me, shuttering gears.

They falter and they shake,
But in the end it's my mistake.

Who knows what kind of waves one movement brings,
But I throw them; I don't notice where they sink.
Like they're nothing but a small splash in a small pond,
Nothing but the dust that settles down.

Yeah the bus I'm on
Won't be here long.
I'm bound for where I'm bound.

Like the miles, the horizon climbs and peaks.
I've never seen no mountains sharp like these.
Even when I have won,
The air's still dangerous.

But I've got to dare to climb what I can't see,
To know mistakes will come whether or not I'm free,
So, I might as well be.
Then it won't matter if there's something past my reach.

'Cause the bus I ride
Is a safety line.
I'm bound for a risky climb.
Track Name: Pierce
There's a cloud
Shaped liked a promise
Up above us,
All around us.
A falling anchor
Tied to our blushes,
Throwing arrows
For ducking under.

It's a long shot, but the winds just right.
Can't keep my eyes up; the sun's too bright.

Oh, for to give
A chance a minute.
Careful green buds
Bound and Springing.

And in the nighttime
When it's so quiet
And the clicking seconds
And the dripping dim light

Say, "it's a long shot, but the wind's just right.
Can't keep my eyes shut; yeah the sun too bright."

Feel like running
Is the sole solution.
Feel like only air moving
Could color through my blueness.

Throw out my memories,
The meaningless ballrooms.
Throw out my towels.
Throw in my future.

And It's a long shot, but the wind's just right.
Can't keep my eyes up; still, the sun's too bright.

My watch stopped
And my head lights
And my dear, my dear time.

Growing older,
And my shoulders choking,
And my hair falling,
And my nose broken,

And my eyes smoking,
And my dimes rolling,
And my hands holding,
Dust and then nothing.

And it's a long shot, but the wind's just right.
Can't keep my eyes shut; kid, the sun's too bright.
Track Name: Tomorrow's
On the new
Streets in my town
I'll be getting lost;
Ive dropped my yarn.

My plan is chaos,
Crystallizing dance.
I'll be needing more,
So I'll be lighting lamps.

Oh, I'm excited
for my feet to touch down.
I've been getting mighty tired
of roaming around.

But things'll stay the same;
Sometimes it'll flood.
Even a rising sun is a setting sun.

With the dew
That collects on the ground,
I'll be getting gone,
A ghost and the morning.

My minutes are numbered,
But my actions are not.
I'll be needing out,
So I'll be opening locks.

From the clouds,
I can see all around,
But from up there I can
Do nothing but watch.

So I'll fall.
I'll splash.
The rainy days
Are the ones whose impacts will last.

And the time
That I find myself with
Won't be growing sour,
Won't spoil, won't injure.

But there'll be radical change;
It's moving in the mail.
I'll be needing light,
So I'll be looking up wells.

Oh, it's true
That the people round here
Say each movement is
A danger to fear,

But tomorrow, I'm leaving.
I think that's enough.
Even a setting sun, is a rising sun.
Track Name: Luck
Wrestled a downed tree into a dozen pieces,
Found an old fishing cord scrambled in the rocks.
The shore is something of a marvel here;
A line separating what we've got from what we want.

You helped me tie all the knots we'd need.
We did a good job, I'm proud of our hard work.
We spent thirty minutes deciding what to bring.
We pushed off into the river just as the sky was getting dark.

We drifted for a couple of days down the water;
We ate most of the food that we'd packed.
We spent the long nights in each others arms,
Always woke up feeling better at long last.

But we just won't admit it to ourselves:
We don't know what to do.
At least we are together, at least we have each other,
But we're fools.

We had to go ashore, we had to get supplies
Beyond what we could find growing just within our reach.
We tiptoed through the guttered skies;
There was the terrifying sound of slowing heart beats.

It was empty everywhere that we went,
But to be fair we didn't look too close.
There was something wrong with the way the colors blended.
We headed back past the hands reaching for our throats.

There was nothing that could find us anymore.
There was nowhere that we couldn't go.
There was no one to see it in our brown, grey eye
That we were home.

We were so enamored with the landscape,
We thought that it would last forever.
We found ourselves completely still
Believing if we moved we'd loose all hell.

And your echo reverberates through me.
I know you can hear my voice.
I can feel the ground send shivers to my feet.
We smile cause we know it was such an easy choice.