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A few songs from winter break.


released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Seth Hanson & the Additional Six Grinnell, Iowa

midwest muscle music

photo by John Brady www.facebook.com/johnbradyphoto

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Track Name: #1
My head is on fire
Air is consumed, I melt into pyre
I can't take my eyes off
The clock, and get up
But you are enough.

I've done what I could, but now I'm not sure
If all I could do, was really all I could do

It seems absurd, if aside I was brushed,

You're the rain.
You're the rust.
You're the snow's
Soft crunch.

You're enough.

I'm a puddle, of compost and scruff
On a couch in a room, in a marsh
Where the windows cracks open, and I've to get up and go close them
Every once, In a while.

That's what keeps me a child.
Track Name: #2
I will carry you.
You can fall on me.
I will hold you up
Long as I breathe

I will hold your weight.
Until I break.
And I will never break.
I am made to make.

You can fall on me.
Your snowy self.
Your speckled grains of you.

You can fall on me
Long as I breathe.
Though my leaves have left,
Know I still have breath.

You can fall on me.
Till all I am
Is a single strand:
A dark outline and a perfect balance.

You can fall on me, if you can trust me.
You can trust me, if you want to.

In the rust from the rest of us
That gathers underneath you,
Showered in your lightest touch,
I will hold you up.
You can fall on me.
You can let go of
What you've left to leave.
You can fall
If you want to.
I am made of things that can love you.
Track Name: #3
There's a chain around my ankle,
It's weight pulling me downwards
Struggling under water leaves me nothing but tired.

And the mud that's on the bottom
Doesn't stop me,
It's no relief.
It's just shadow
And it's scary cause it just lets me go.

And there's bedrock down there too.
You'd think it's solid so's that I won't slip through,
But the cracks along its sides are just wide enough to let me by.
It's bedrock, and it scares me because it's broken.

Beneath it's molten metal flowing.
Rotating in dance, just anguish in ash
And miles and miles of tumbling fast.
It's magma, and it's scary cause it won't stay still

After that, it's just pressure that builds.