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It was cold when I wrote these songs.


released January 18, 2015

All songs written and recorded live by Seth Hanson.
Seth: vocals, guitar
Helen Forsythe: vocals, banjo

Album art by $erena Hocharoen



all rights reserved


Seth Hanson & the Additional Six Grinnell, Iowa

midwest muscle music

photo by John Brady www.facebook.com/johnbradyphoto

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Track Name: Rolling In
Was thunder in a handshake
Lightning in a glance
I used to count the seconds
The distance from the crash
Now only flesh
I see the roar
And I feel the teeth of a dying animal

Deep in my chest is an anchor
That sinks my eyes awake
I used to count the seconds
So I was sure I wasn't late
Now I just fake
What I don't know
But I am the teeth of a dying animal

In the fist of a diamond daughter
Rubies for her eyes
I used to throw the seconds
But she can catch like I can lie
Lord like rocks
Could break my fall
Lord like looks
Could hear my howl

An open tomb turned roadside
Rollin ankle, bleeding too
I tried to hide the stains
But somehow sister knew
Lord like truth
Can burn on anger
Lord like bruises
Lord like brothers

Grip my name like a dagger
Wasp nest by my side
I used to climb the trees I could
To shake away the time
But I got caught
And you got burned
And Branches broke
Just like my word

In the dark grey of the afternoon
That came about so quick
The driving rain, the Saturday
When you started feeling sick
Lord, you could catch
And I could lie
Lord, we could claw
And we could howl

But it won't do no good
Track Name: I Guess I Do
Crystal lungs and knobby knees
I can't bow, I can't breathe
But I'll take my chances
Running after you

'Cause You call me on, you twist my tongue
So I can't answer, but I can hum
And my heart is passing
Like a summer storm
Blanketed in heavy fog

But if I stayed here where I felt safe
How'd I know if I was awake?
Can't catch a break
Without feeling broken

If I slept, like I'm supposed to do
Stead of up all night in your yawning room
I'd never hear an answer
Just an echo
Blanketed in heavy fog

But I'm slipping in the sand around your eyes
Like an organ blowing lullabies
I don't want to be swallowed by your oceanic hold
But I do. I guess I do.

I don't care to watch the time
I won't bother to braid my lines
I'll take my chances
To be true to you

What's the point in trying to hide
I'm just a body, just a mind
I ain't a mystery
I ain't a buried jewel
I ain't blanketed in nothing

But I'm scared to give up gripping my own rope
Scared to lose the leverage on my load
I don't want to be swallowed by your oceanic hold
But I do. I guess I do.
Track Name: Grown Tall
On the day she was fired
They took her gloves
Around their rings like gold
Now her hands are sore
Her skin a gun
I know I’m spent And I don't know what for

Tried to take our time
In the forest sky
But the air was thick like blood
So I fell back to my
Last place in line
Where I know I belong

Where there's someone waiting
Me a wailing baby
And another state to land
To borrow dollars
And moonlit hours
To pay for what we can

Momma told me
When you've grown tall
You're gonna have what you need

The storm comes rolling
Like the shot of a drum
And I go running out
To the edge of town
Where I know a barn
And a loft to lay me down

Nothing sleeps
in a rain rocked shed
When the wind screams through the boards
The hooves and rattle
Me shaking in the rafters
Just my own hands to hold

But when morning comes
And my eyes are closed
I guess I slept after all
But these are flashing lights
And I'm dragged to the shore
tied my ankles, 'round my arms

Momma told me
When you've grown tall
You're gonna have what you need
Track Name: What I Remember
She was there when I was young
She was there and I was young
But I never once believed she did what they said she'd done

I lived in California with my cousins
We hopped the tracks every summer
But she was in St. Paul, and I wouldn't know how to stop even if I saw her

Their mother would tell me "when you're old
"your mother will tell you what went wrong"
But every day I'd read the papers just to see if she was mentioned

Skipping rocks on the pavement in the city
Wasting time and waiting for her to come and free me
As if she herself weren't chained, praying

I moved back north after graduation
I guess I'd always thought that you would stay there
It never crossed my mind you could have passed without a sign or an answer

Took the narrow road to the prison where I thought you lived
Told me you been released years ago but now you were dead
Took the narrow road back to town like a little kid
waiting for a storm to come rolling in

I was not on the list of family to call
When your parole officer found the note you'd scrawled
And all your bitter bones hanging like a holy garden
While I was turning twelve on my own

Where do I go from where I stand
Where I thought we could live, but now nothing makes much sense
I'll just let the day drown around me and the fire in the prairie make my plans
Let the smoke work it's way into my head

She was there when I was young
She was there and I was young
But I never once believed she did what they said she had done
Track Name: Where I Am
The waves come rolling in my thundering fist
One handful of haunted years
Back in California among the scattered splints
And the candle that kept me here

Out for thousands of mornings past my flashing eyes
Well beyond the edge I see
There are wrinkles big as I am, drowning in the night
Yet somehow here I breathe

But Can I trust my memory of what I thought you were?
There's a ghost at my ankles, but I won't go down with her

Maybe I was wrong to raise her up so high
Just to cut her down
With my back against this beach and rivers through my mind
She meant more than she does to me now

Maybe I was wrong to get to her so quick
Just to run away
With my heels against her hands and bars burning my wick
I know I can't escape

But Can I look to the horizon with no thought of where I've been?
Can my steps that trail behind me not lead to where I am?