The Middle of the Road

by Seth Hanson & the Additional Six

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Rolling In continues backwards/forwards to the trapped to the left in the middle of the road


released August 25, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Seth Hanson.
Additional vocals Helen Forsythe.



all rights reserved


Seth Hanson & the Additional Six Grinnell, Iowa

midwest muscle music

photo by John Brady

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Track Name: Middle of the Road
I remember a robin
Telling me to close my eyes
When we rolled

Slow, frozen turned around
Saw her hair catch
Grayer than i thought

Dripping from her brow like a leak in the holy cup

Like rain, gonna dig a ditch
Are these deep graves
Or just the preacher tall

Sharp shadow in the road
Middle of the maze
Seed-like bone

Either I’m planted or I'm planting, but I can't be both

And still hasn't visited
Place the bets, lord
she doesn’t even know

Can't hear the ticking now
Wipers stall, wail
The edge too blunt

Melted to the tar, won't ever get unstuck
Track Name: No Fever, Not Sick
I know now what I want
A rainy morning wet
grass to roll in

I know now what I need
Static in a city
Body in the deep end

Toes touching the bottom
Only when I'm sinking

I know now why I'm sore
My throat from what they feed me
My legs from how they lead me

I know now what I feel
Hands on my forehead
Pretending to care if I live

Holding my head back
So I can't see what they're cutting
Track Name: Innocence
Two doors down
When I was growing up
Sister smelled of smoke
And paper cuts

There I was,
A drunken dress,
Taught me not to trust
Taught me selfishness

How well I slept!
With an aimless kick
How good I felt
In my arrogance

Glowing like stop lights in her lips

And she was always right
Sister under dog
Father's laws
Were the evil ones

There I was,
A tortured dress,
Taught me not to fuss
Taught me what I meant

How they begged confess!
With an aimless ring
How good they felt
In my innocence

Still though they coated in my gilt
Track Name: Way Out
The choice I made
Free they told me
But still I wait
Can't bear to open

I know you'll be
Better off if I leave
You don't need
Another hand to lead

So when I woke
Hit my head, hid my heart
Flew back home
Kept a catch in my throat

I know you'll be
Better off If I leave
You don't need
Another mouth to feed

You're looking now
For a stable path
Can't be found
Where I collapse

I know you'll be
Better off if I leave
You don't need
Another broken grief

Maybe later
When you feel more figured out
We can talk forever
Compare our debtor's doubts

I knew you'd be
Better off if I leave
You don't need
To need someone like me
Track Name: Better than Nothing
If I hadn't of done it
You wouldn't be here
Even to hate me

So hate me
It's better than nothing
It's better than nothing
It's better than nothing

Told you I loved you
I hope you remember
The hiss of the record

It's better than nothing
The click of my conscience
It's better than nothing
It's better than nothing

Try to imagine
What you look like now
Thirteen years gone

Can't bear To admit
but we're strangers now
Can't recognize ourselves

It's getting harder to stop myself
From Feeling guilty
Years since I could sleep

Like an itch
Tears torn into tight bound sheets
It's better than nothing
It's better than nothing

Finally found the seeds
Sister said It was easy
Easy as shouting

In an empty street
Stolen medicine
Is better than nothing
It's better than nothing
Track Name: Forget It
On the night you were born there was torrential rain
First sound you heard
First smell in the open air
Life beat out of dirt

And even when it ended like it always does
When I hold you close I hear the flood

The years I spent rattling in hollow hate
For what was never done
How I cried for far-off fate
Took the wrong trail of crumbs

But even when it ended like it always does
I could never gather where I was

The counter tall and my craning neck
How you spent my nights
In my lap my secret slept/slipped
Cardinal catching bites

Even when corrupted like I always was
Knew not to bet the balance above the buzz

From your water hands and your dirty eyes
Forgiveness grew like weeds
If my past don't exist for you
It don't exist for me

But then of course it's calling like it always does
Can i never get enough
Track Name: Law
Night of her own
Finally born
Made up my mind
Slept like a child
Safe for the moment
From self-righteous soldiers
I'm outside the frame
I'm dirt in her grin
Grown my roots
Hold my noose
Hides it
From the searching
Of the law

And so I'm left the fool
Called open and ruined
But why was I pure
I'm crooked as you
The man who has caught me
Charged me and dropped me
The difference is only
The power you stole from me
The nameless
The foul, the tainted
To hide
As the law

From the porches and warmth
To the hard stones
fantasy drifts
Moments I missed
Never can know
One truth from another
In mirrors I'm split
Cement in its grip
Each bar believes
In its right to be free
In it's strength
as you live
In the law
Track Name: Bail
You used to wonder
Why I would get so angry
At the fist that fed me
Cocked with quarters
Cops and callers

Told me quiet
The years spent under steeple
As the pillars under kneelers
Hard to breath
Still placed their faith in that I would speak

You used to wonder
Why I was always absent
Eye in my camera
Liked me 'cause I'm shy
Said I'd be pretty if I smiled

And It was open
Season when I shot him
Bucking the broken hearted
From the stage
To billow the devil's flag

And in the night
I hoist the sail
you itch too deep
we pay the bail

How could I help it
You so sudden sickly
Stubborn in your mystery
We need what we need
If they ignore us then that's their greed

The walls compressing
Like us the trash they let in
With their pity and their lessons
How they pry
You from my side

How could I help it
They threatened us with desert
Broke us like a record
Too gone to save
But I don't believe a word they say

And who was right?
We're the ones left standing
The ones got struck by lightning
And still they search
For the thunder that they heard

And in the night
I hoist the sail
You sing to me
We pay the bail
Track Name: Body of Mine
Buddy of mine
Released a year ago
Buddy of mine
Says the open world's no different
System's still a prison
Buddy of mine

Buddy of mine
Can't find no work
Buddy of mine
Says that we've been marked
Tattoo on our charts
Buddy of mine

What do they think will happen
If we're not given the chance to catch our breath?
We'll be back again

Body of mine
Still inside
Body of mine
Still being farmed
They making money off my crime
And that Body of mine

Body of mine
Ain't it been left no rights?
Body of mine
Think it's coincidence I'm silenced
Think the words I'd say'd be nice ones?
With Blood on my mind

What do they think will happen
If they call our torture natural and resistance perverse
It'll twist us good
Track Name: Second Life
12 years since I seen you last
Don't take long to forget how to fold the map
Said I'd call you when the plane lands

What if you changed more than I can guess
What if you're the same, man, I know I'm the one who left
Said I'd call you when I land

Image of your heavy arms circle as I stand
Spinning like luggage waiting to get grabbed
Said I'd call you when i land

Better to be slow in the backseat of a cab
Ringing engines echo in my head
Said I'd call you when I land

Hotel just a mile from our building
Like Lazarus, collapse into the bed
Said I'd call you when the plane land
Track Name: Prisoners
Auntie ghost
Said take my word
You're a lonely girl
But a lovely girl

She's a saint of sorts
But she's got it wrong
I ain't leaning on
What she's leaning on

She wants my happiness
But of course it's with
A man at home
To be leaning on

Told herself
We're better off
In our place
The natural way

She's a saint of sorts
But she's been convinced
Breaks my heart
That she can't see the links

In the chain
In our chain
That keeps me and her

She's seen so many years
But I guess that's it
More time to get
Suckered in

I know she's trying to help
But she's missed the point
Some sacred bells
Dowry guilt

It hurts to hear
Her say I need him there
As if I can't make
My own way

Don't get me wrong
I still need love
Just not approval from
Some father's son

Auntie ghost
I hope'd you'd see
What's wrung our hands
What's bound our feet

the chains
Our chains
Will never break
If we don't feel their weight
Track Name: Where We're Going
I forget to wind my watch
Can't keep straight how I am walking
That don't mean that I am lost
Don't mean that I'm not lost either

Only means the needle skips
Like the lanes that I forsaken
But I can't push it out of focus
Just to pretend I have no weakness

When we're holding to the deep
line at the edge of where I'm going
We're blurring at the edge
Call it forgiving morning

To be tearing up in moving
You sleeping in the back
Wish I never have to break this
Bit of sunlight catch your hand

Somehow quiet in the wind
That pushes us along
We Petals in the dust
Hope you're happy in a new town

when motion in the deep
Line at the edge of where we're going
Breathing in like me
Eyes begin to open