You Brought Me Here

by Seth Hanson & the Additional Six

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The culmination of the summer's efforts, to be listened to as if one were an angst-ridden teenager.

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released September 2, 2012

The nice cello sound you heard was Parker Ousley



all rights reserved


Seth Hanson & the Additional Six Grinnell, Iowa

midwest muscle music

photo by John Brady

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Track Name: A Second Poem
In the same way you can never reach your destination
you can never know everything.
There will always be mystery in restoration
and in the way light appears and the way it changes.

And it's the way we fight that's really amazing
and it's the way memory doesn't exist
without a thought of greener things.
In the time just before you close your eyes
the suns spin as they rise
and they turn me wild.
And every wish that I waste through the windows will wake
and stare
out at the nothing that's beneath them.
It'll be amazing.

And it's the same thing that prevents you from getting to where you go,
that'll take from you everything you know.
It's a puppet string that's tangled and it's tied
And you think it holds you fast to the path it finds.

But it's not like that.
We all walk the same track.
So take your mind off that map
and take all the time you have
to take what you think you need so bad
and to hide from the things that chase you in your head.
It'll be amazing.
Track Name: A City
The monuments all have windows,
all stationary picture frames of cowards
and all the faces are golden, just risen from mold
and taken from all of the days before I'd even known

that the birds were always singing even when it was cold.

The buildings stitch together one pattern of light
all the prisoners falling in line
and we, we never used to mind
when we'd seek out the shadows and whatever they enticed

back when the birds were always singing even when it didn't feel right.

Oh I am sure that I found you in time
oh cause I am sure that I feel alive.

In this city's full of sunsets
each sky is a line of bird's nests
and I can't help but to wish to forget
how your hair played on the nights that we met

back when the birds would always sing, or at least they'd pretend.
Track Name: A Sharpness
I can feel it rolling over me, this uncontainable wave.
I can feel it pinning me down with every inch of its weight.
I can feel how its white capped rage won't end any time soon.
I can feel how easy it is to be consumed.

It's sharpening its teeth,
and I am minding my own business
but it keeps drowning me.
I try to get up, but there is no relief.

There's a twitching in its eyes as it scans left and right.
There's a nervousness like mine in its back and forth smile.
There's something of you within this machine.
Are you sure you want to know if I can hear something breathing?

I know before you've been tricked into somehow believing that solace exists.

So are you sure?
Are you really sure,
that you want to know?
You want to dig up these bones?
Track Name: A Sunset
I saw a soft orange sunset
I didn't know what to do about it

I wanted to tell you how beautiful it was,
but who am I to judge?
I haven't been seeing things clearly for the last few months.

And the sun keeps setting and I keep seeing it rise.
I can't help but marvel in its might.

And I wanted to tell you how quickly the night turned into day,
but who am I to say?
Since the moment that I met you, time's been acting awful strange.

Tomorrow is just a game that's waiting to be won
I know the future's still just a future until it has begun.

And I, I want to tell you that you are a piece of that puzzle.
And that the sky is really not that high there up above you.
But I'm afraid anything I say might only cause more trouble.
Yeah I'm afraid, that these days, nothing is predictable.
Track Name: An Age
I remember now the times when the sun
would pick me up in its long arms
and talk to me of all the things that I was wondering.

It would answer all the questions that I had,
back when I didn't question anything.
I remember believing that the sun was there for me.

But now my sight is obscured by worry.
My love for life is drowned by responsibility.
My joy suffocated for a need of practicality.
A ghost of my former self forced into predictability.

There's a gap between the present and the past
where your presence doesn't help across but at last
I can say what I came here to say.

That it's become just so hard to believe
when I know where I'm bound
that my time isn't being counted, clicking terminally down.

So some days I find myself hiding in the embers of a fire
Some days I can't be found at all.
Most of the time, I want to invite you inside,
but how can I trust your smile if I can't trust mine?
Track Name: A Line
They say it's all black and white,
and that's okay, could be they're right.
But I don't want to spend my life defining in from outside.
Everything'll change by the time you decide.

So, I want to stretch my arms out wide.
I want to reach both sides.
There're an infinite number of points in me, between two times.
I want to be a line.

Where, oh, I suppose, I'll change my mind.
Ah, the door will close, I will intertwine.
I'll fold in upon myself, become an empty design.
And you can color me in, if you promise to lie.
And say you know what you're doing.

And I'll be only color.
And you'll see that there was always wonder.
And finally you can step back from me, see your masterpiece,
just a history.

And I will become a vast terrain.
I'll be here when the iceberg's coming.
And I'll find a place to stay where it's safe.
I won't be the one to run away.

When the air brightens orange,
and the sun rises violently down from the north.
When I begin to realize just what's been in store,
I'll recognize the need for pleasant warmth.

They say it takes only a day.
Tomorrow, I say, everything will change.
Track Name: A Poem
I couldn't live alone without you.
I couldn't do it all without someone to talk to.
But there are sometimes that I dream about a window that's broken.
I see your face out there in the open.
It's a reality, soon coming, that I don't wake up from
In a sweat and in a panic and with a grip on a gun.
With my eyes flicking unconsciously to place under the rug:
the cavity, used so soundlessly, to stow away your heart.
There I'll break, with all my steps.
There I'll waste upon a sweetness.
There I will crawl, I will deserve no rest,
across all the splintered debris of my promise:
We're all just a performance.
So we're worthless.
So we're worthless.
Track Name: A Sickness
The pain is to punish.
The sleep is the same.
Can't hide from your troubles,
can't run from the rain.

You can't jump out of that rowboat.
You can't throw away your loss.
The cold is gonna get you
and you won't know it when you're caught.

There's a shell that's all around me.
It's a twisting, confounding knot.

I am going to keep rowing until the water dims.
I am going to let go only when I know I'm going to sink.
I am going to find a way to survive this.
But when I say it, the doctors shake their heads.

I am going to stand up someday soon.
I am going to walk away so I'll never lose.
There's a steady ground somewhere that can hold my feet.
And there's hope, but when they say it, they don't look at me.

It doesn't seem like I could ever be done.
I've got some more time, but that's just more to suffer.
I knew I had to escape.
You were a hatch, and my eyes begged.

But you were gone, you'd left town,
and you were crushingly sour.
And you were frightened, so you turned,
but you were running me down.

There are no more questions,
no more recognition,
no friends, just people intrigued by condition.
They think everything is muted. They exaggerate their movements.

And I just lie there, I just stare at the vines tying me in.
And I'd smile, dear, but I find, dear, I thought I had years to live.
But I was wrong about so many things.
Track Name: A Summer
When the light leaves softness all the shades of green,
when I can't think of what I want to say to you, when I'm lost at sea,
I can tell that it's summer
from the way the air's movement's so subtle.
And I can tell it reminds me of you:
the way your smile quietly sneaks through.

When the wind comes and sends out a gust in an effort to clean it all up,
when you drop out of existence and my mind goes numb.
I can tell that it's summer
from the way that my heart has become sun-burnt.
And I can tell it reminds me of you:
how your smile is there, and how its presence is proof.
Track Name: A Sunrise
I could always find an excuse
to do exactly what I want to do,
so why do I make such a habit of breaking each of my carefully laid rules?

Someday my religion will let me believe in
the power to change all my crimes.
If you do that, I promise you that you'll hear what is spoken inside.

And I promise you that when you hear your own heart
you'll stop in your tracks the moment it starts.
You can't guess the reason you're made or the reasons you aren't.

Tomorrow, I know, you'll be tired and bored,
done doing the things you are told.
Look through the dark interior of your mind and find your soul.

And you'll stand up right
when you see the light.
You'll run.

There must be some reason it's from what you stole.
At the same time there's a life line, what you're running towards.
Something for which it is worth, which is what worth is for.

Maybe it's the ocean, hands upwards and open,
born of shining spiraling spots.
The reflections of the clouds always twist within themselves like a knot.

Look I know how you chew on your fingernails.
I know how you only glance up when it hails.
I know how often you hear that you're awful and try to convince yourself.

But I suggest you stand tall
and stay strong.
And when you see the light, stare at it until it is gone.

Don't miss a second of its glorious arc.
Before you know it, morning will spark.
Before you know it, you won't understand why you were afraid of the dark.
Track Name: A Misperception
Up where it's dark, though there's turbulent fire,
up there where hearts grow accustomed to thunder,
where there should be stars, but there are nothing but boulders,
I thought I was stuck.

But I am moving, and I do not know why.
And I am losing everything that I find.

I thought that we were all cursed.
I thought that's what kept us together.

But I am moving, and I do not know why.
And I am chosing to leave one or two things behind.
I am moving, but I do not know why.
I am moving, but I do not know why.
I am moving, but I do not know why,
There's no way for you to ever be mine.
Track Name: You Brought Me Here
I was confident that I was walking toward something new.
I looked forward with a passive patience of a kind that's hardly ever based upon truth.
I grew weak. I crawled on. I told myself I'd be there before dawn.
And I arrived to the same place I'd been from I'd gone.

And this circle keeps growing that I am trapped in,
but it still holds me as if I don't know what's happening.

It was your thought, your hopeless heartlessness that helped me find my footing
on this path that led me right back to where I had started.
It was you who found my weaknesses and drilled and drilled and drilled.
You're the headlights blinding me, trapping and pushing me near.

And you brought me here. You brought me here.
You're a symptom of vertigo, screaming and clawing at the air.

And I am truly surprised that you have grown so blind.
Your eyes looked so strong when we met.
You honest, but you were wrong when you said that

we could be safe if we trusted in what we'd decided was fate
I could not say then, now I know trust can only cause pain.
By a distant existence through given predictions of rain.
You can never expect to be repaid.

But I can blame my compass, I can say that it brought me here.
I can say that it's nothing but a head and a heart that's shaped like a mirror.
I can pretend that you were nothing but a waste of a year.